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  1. meiosis
  2. mitosis
  3. meiosis 1
  4. M phase
  5. female meiosis
  1. a results in one large egg cell and three cells called polar bodies that are not involved in reproduction
  2. b interphase 1, Meiosis 1, Meiosis 2
  3. c four phases include: prophase, metaphase,anaphase, telophase
  4. d results in 2 haploid daughter cells with half the number of chromosomes as the original cell, the daughter cells have a set of chromosomes and alleles that are different from each other an from the original diploid cell
  5. e the phase in the cell cycle where mitosis and cytokinesis occur resulting in cell division

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  1. scientists who discovered that cells in mitosis contain a protein that when injected into a nondividing cell, would cause mitosis
  2. cells undergo a round of DNA replication, forming duplicate chromosomes, occurs only before meiosis 1, not meiosis 2
  3. two tiny structures located in the cell cytoplasm near the nuclear envelope
  4. fourth and final stage of mitosis, distinct and condensed chromosomes begin to disperse into a tangle of dense material, nucleqar envelope re-forms around each cluster of chromosomes, spindle begins to break down, nucleolus becomes visable in each daughter nucleus- mitosis complete, but not cell division
  5. specialised haploid cell involved in sexual reproduction

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  1. spindle fibersa fanlike microtubule structure that helps separate the chromosomes


  2. Gregor Mendelthe location where each pair of chromatids are attached


  3. G1 phasethe first gap phase of interphase where the cells do most of their growing, cells increase in size and make new proteins and organelles


  4. male meiosisinterphase 1, Meiosis 1, Meiosis 2


  5. 2Nnumber of chromosomes in a diploid cell