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  1. Meiosis telophase 2 and cytokinesis
  2. G2 phase
  3. meiosis
  4. mitosis anaphase
  5. homologous chromosomes
  1. a third phase of mitosis where sister chromatids separate into individual chromosomes and are moved apart into two groups near the poles of the spindle, phase ends when chromosomes stop moving
  2. b chromosomes from the male parent has a corresponding chromosome from the female parent
  3. c nuclear membranes form and each cell separates into two cells = 4 hapliod daughter cells
  4. d the third and shortest phase of interphase, the second gap phase where many of the organelles and molecules required for cell division are produced
  5. e process where 4 haploid cells that are genetically different from one another and from the original cell are created

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  1. family of closely related proteins which regulate the timing of the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells
  2. the process by which a cell divides into two new daughter cells
  3. number of chromosomes in a diploid cell
  4. period in cell cycle in between cell division where cell growth and DNA replication occur
  5. chromosomes line up in the center of each cell like in mitosis

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  1. mitosisdivision of the cell nucleus


  2. M phasethe phase in the cell cycle where mitosis and cytokinesis occur resulting in cell division


  3. N=(number of chromosomes)chromosomes from the male parent has a corresponding chromosome from the female parent


  4. zygotespecialised haploid cell involved in sexual reproduction


  5. meiosis prophase 2spindle fibers attach to the chromosomes