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mr. razem's apus class

"frontiers of inclusion"

-New France and New Spain
-not willing or able to transport large numbers of people to populate these colonies
-relied on a policy of converting natives to subjects
-resulted in a lot of cultural mixing
-natives were incorporated into society

"frontiers of exclusion"

-dutch were first frontiers of inclusion but then turned into frontiers of exclusion like English
-Indians lived in different societies than settlers


-led expedition looking for more gold like Aztec empire
-north upper rio grande
-found no gold

new Mexico

-pueblos were a good source of converts
-used native labor to work mines
-church subsidizes new Mexico
- growth came from spanish men and indian women

New France

- wanted monopoly over fur trade
-St. Laurence provided rout to the heart of north America
-new France exclusively catholic so slow population growth
- Huguenot dissenters were the main source of population
-claimed Mississippi watershed claimed for France

Samuel de Champlain

-agent of royal monopoly
-created province of Acadia
- created Quebec so he could intercept fur traffic on the Atlantic

coureurs de bois

-French for "woods runner" an independent fur trader in New France

difference between France and Spain frontiers of inclusion

Spain: - conquered natives and used them as a work force - Franciscans insisted that natives accept European cultural reforms

France: - relied on alliances w/ natives - commercial relations w/ natives - Jesuit missionaries tried to learn the language to introduce Christianity

new netherland


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