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  1. laying on of the hands
  2. Creation
  3. grace
  4. Annunciation
  5. Salvific Trinity
  1. a Trinity's relationship to us
  2. b God's gift of friendship
  3. c mission of the Father
  4. d the event in which Mary learned that she was to conceive a child whose name would be Jesus
  5. e healing touch, giving of the Holy Spirit

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  1. forgiveness of our sins
  2. the dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church that Mary was conceived without the stain of Original Sin
  3. gifts, strength, healing
  4. divine holiness, purification, punishment, transforming energy, and light
  5. God with us

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  1. consubstantialhaving the same exact divine nature


  2. relationdesignates that each Person of the Trinity are distinct because of their relationships


  3. dogmalife, purification, gentleness, virtue, and peace


  4. Immanent TrinityGod's inner life and the relationship between the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit


  5. Trinitythree Divine Persons in one God that is a mystery beyond full human understanding