40 terms

MGT 3303

Planning is based upon
choosing a goal and developing a method or strategy to achieve that goal.
Benefits of planning
does none of these
pitfall of planning
a false sense of certainty based on faulty assumptions
SMART guidlines
_____ is responsible for developing strategic plans
Top management
creation of tactical plans
middle managers
developing operations plans
lower-level managers
___ occurs when managers choose an alternative that is good enough
...when other companies have trie unsuccessfully to duplicate the advantage and ______
those companies have for the moment stopped trying to duplicate the advantage
1st step in strategy making process is to
asses the need for strategic change
an organizations is experencing____ when it is reluctant to change strategies
competitive intertia
a _____ also called a SWOT analysis for strengths, weaknesses
situation analysis
the term ____ refers to the overal organizational strategy
coporate level strategy
the two major approcahes to coporate level strategy are____
grand strategies and portfolio strategies
the ___ is a portfolio strategy that managers use to categorize their corporations businees by growth rate and relative market share
BCG matrix
Positioning strategies by Michael porter are
focus, cost leadership, and differntiation
Home depot opened stores in canada
cost leadership
__ refers to the production of novel and useful ideas
Mcdonalds in long term, worldwide movement to change consumers perceptions
organizational change
____ is knowledge, tools, and techniques used to transform inputs into outputs
a technology ____ begins with the birth of a new tech....
nearly all techonolgy cycles follow the typical_____ patter of innovation
S curve
____ is the phase of the techonolgy cycle characterized by technological subsitiion and design competition
discontinuous change
_____ are workpace cultures in which workers percieve that new ideas are welcomed
creative work envinronment
which of the following is an organization impediment to creativity in a work environment
all of these
the ____ approach to innovation assumes that innovation is occuring withing a highly uncertain environment
first step of managing innovation during discontinuous change
design iteration
the ___ approach to managing innovation assumes that inocation is a predictable process
____ are an important part of both the compression approach and experiential approach to innovation
multifunctional teams
____ is a method investment in which a company builds a new business or buys an exsisting in a foreign country
direct foreign investment
several arab countrying boycott coke products because they distribute in israel
a trade barrier
tax on all steel imports in an effort to protect jobs
protectionism is the use of trade barriers to protect local companies
foreign compeitition
the trade agreement that represented the most signicant change to the regulations governing global trade during the 1990s was the___
main question to answer once a company goes global is
to what extent should the company stadardize or adapt business procedures
the multinational company that acts with ____ has offices, manufactoring plants in different countries with same rules and guidlines
global consistency
___ occurs when a company sells domestically produced products to customers in foreign countries
___ are both exampls of cooperative contracts
franchising and licensing
while___ emphasizes jobs and their authority relationships ___ emphasizes the activities through work gets done
organizational structure, organizational process
_____ departmentalization is defined as organzing work and workers into sperate units