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  1. A ____ is the region of the molecule that is recognized by antibodies
  2. Helper T (Th) cells do not
  3. This is the first of a series of neutrophil behaviors in inflammation
  4. This organ shows a remarkable degree of degeneration ( involution) with age.
  5. The majority of T cells of the naive lymphocyte pool wait for the encounter with foreign antigens in
  1. a margination
  2. b secrete fever-producing chemicals
  3. c thymus
  4. d the lymphatic tissues
  5. e epitope

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  1. major histocompatibility complex (MHC) protein
  2. decades
  3. cancer cells
  4. Interferons
  5. helper T cells

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  1. autoimmune diseases are disorders in which the immune system fails to distinguish _____ from foreign onesself-antigens


  2. Vaccination stimulatesartificial active immunity


  3. Most common allergies are the result oftype I (acute) hypersensitivty


  4. _____ are the largest of the lymphatic vessels and they empty into the _____epitope


  5. ____ are found especially in the mucous membrane, standing guard against parasites and allergensHelper T (Th) cells