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  1. Strident
  2. Facade
  3. Superfluous
  4. Peremptory
  5. Modernism
  1. a Making or having a harsh sound
  2. b 1910-1960
    Ezra Pound was father of modernism
    Freud, Marx, Darwin, and Nietzsche, TS Eliot
    Stream-of-consciousness narration
    Concerned with accelerating pace of society toward destruction and meaninglessness
    What could inspire construction for a new society
  3. c Excessive
  4. d Leaving no opportunity for refusal
  5. e A superficial appearance of something

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  1. 1920s, New York
    Narrated by Nick Carraway
    Gatsby, Nick, Daisy, Tom
    Themes: American Dream, Hollowness of Upper Class, East vs West Egg, Green Light, Valley of Ashes, Eyes,
  2. Strict in observance of formalities
  3. An indirect intimation about a person or thing
  4. Poetry with no regular meter or rhyme scheme
  5. Implied comparison between two things that does not use like or as

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  1. Run-On SentenceGiving tacit assent, agreeing by silence


  2. MotifA recurring idea, symbol, thing, concept in a novel that helps the reader to better understand the meaning behind the novel


  3. FragmentGroup of words presented as a sentence without subject, verb, or both--and doesn't express a complete thought


  4. MarvellousExcessively talkative


  5. Regionalism1865-1910
    Accurate and detailed portrayal of actual life
    Didn't want to glorify anything
    Depict reality no matter how ordinary
    Shed light on greater social issues
    Mark Twain, William Dean Howells, Henry James
    Complex characters in ordinary places
    Character exploration and development
    Ordinary settings
    True-to-life dialogue
    Detached narration to sound unbiased


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