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  1. Superfluous
  2. Hyperbole
  3. Personification
  4. Dejection
  5. Imagism
  1. a A description of an object, animal, place, or idea in human terms
  2. b Exaggeration or overstatement
  3. c 1909-1918
    Focus on raw image
    Forgets metrics, stanzas, and sentimentality
    Power of suggestion rather than definite statement
    Eastern influence of the haiku
    Expressing emotion indirectly but precisely
    Presenting images without authorial commentary
    Ezra Pound
    Use no words that don't contribute
    No sequence of metronome
  4. d Excessive
  5. e Depression

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  1. Haughtily disdainful
  2. Use comma and FANBOY, use semicolon, or use colon
  3. 1920s, New York
    Narrated by Nick Carraway
    Gatsby, Nick, Daisy, Tom
    Themes: American Dream, Hollowness of Upper Class, East vs West Egg, Green Light, Valley of Ashes, Eyes,
  4. An indirect intimation about a person or thing
  5. Group of words that has a subject verb, and doesn't express a complete thought

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  1. Transcendentalism1865-1910
    Irving, Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe
    Accurately represent speech, manners, habits, history, folklore, and beliefs of people in specific geographical area
    Offshoot of realism
    Importance of setting
    Use of dialects--distinctive forms of language spoken in particular areas or by particular groups of people


  2. Free VerseGroup of words presented as a sentence without subject, verb, or both--and doesn't express a complete thought


  3. MetaphorTo regard with disgust


  4. Run-On SentenceIncorrectly trying to form sentence by smashing clauses together without correct punctuation


  5. MelodramaticA recurring idea, symbol, thing, concept in a novel that helps the reader to better understand the meaning behind the novel


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