Theology Test #3- Third Quarter

- Describes active religious communities
- Communities whose mission includes ministry in the world, such as social work, pastoral work, or health care
- The particular focus and spirit of a religious community
Greek word for charisma
- gift
- A meeting of all members of a religious congregation to discuss and decide on policy, leadership, and direction of the congregation
- Describes religious communities that focus primarily on prayer, rather than on active ministry
Most contemplative communities follow what rule?
- The Rule of Saint Benedict
- Describes certain contemplative communities that have limited access to the outside world
- The process of praying and reflecting on God's call
- The process of education and spiritual development that takes place during the early months or years of joining a religious community
- A man or woman taking part in the initial stage of entering a religious community
- A man or woman requesting and still discerning membership into a religious community, before becoming a novice
- The religious rite in which a person formally enters a religious community
spiritual director
- One who meets periodically with another to counsel and encourage that person to deepen and strengthen his or her relationship with God
The Rite for Ordination
- The ceremony in which the bishop lays hands on the man being ordained, the ordination prayer, and the anointing of his hands
- The conferring of holy orders on a deacon, priest, or bishop
- Institute of higher study and spiritual and ministerial formation for men who are preparing for ordination to the priesthood
community life
- The shared living and prayer of religious, who also often work in common ministries
contemplative communities
- Religious order groups who focus on prayer and work within the community setting
- Solemn promises
- For religious, usually poverty, chastity, and obedience