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A committed supporter of a political party; also, seeing issues from the point of view of a single party

Political Party

An organization that tries to win control of government by electing people to office who carry the party label

Party Platform

A party's statement of its positions on the issues of the day passed at the quadrennial national convention

Two-Party System

A political system in which two parties vie on relatively equal terms to win national elections and in which each party governs at one time or another

Multiparty System

A political system in which three or more viable parties compete to lead the government; because a majority winner is not always possible, multiparty systems often have coalition governments where governing power is shared among two or more parties

Proportional Representation

The awarding of legislative seats to political parties to reflect the proportion of the popular vote each party receives


The process by which on party supplants another as the dominant party in a political system

New Deal

The programs of the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

New Deal Coalition

The informal electoral alliance of working class ethnic groups, Catholics, Jews, urban dwellers, racial minorities, and the south, that was the basis of the democratic party dominance of American politics from the New Deal to the early 1970's

Divided Government

Control of the executive and legislative branches by different political parties


A gradual reduction in the dominance of one political party without another party supplanting it

Party Identification

The sense of belonging to one or another political party


View that the federal government has a substantial role to play in economic regulation, social welfare, and overcoming racial inequality, and that abortion and stem-cell research should be legal and the civil rights of gays and racial minorities protected


View that the federal government ought to play a very small role in economic regulation, social welfare, and overcoming racial inequality, that abortion should be illegal, and that family values and law and order should guide public policies

Unified Government

Control of the executive and legislative branches by the same political party


A situation in which things cannot get done in Washington, usually because of divided government

Active Partisan

People who identify with a party, vote in election, and participate in additional party and party-candidate activities


People who claim to be independents by consistently favor one party over another

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