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summer school set 15


name given to the Palestinian uprisisngs on the West Bank and Gaza Regions under Jewish control


Summerian building, many tiered temple

Hammurabi Code

Harsh code of laws developed in the Middle East, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth


President who master-mided the Camp David Accord


first five books of the Old Testement


individual who brought Islam to the world, he was a messenger or prophet of God


Islamic Holy book, rules, and laws that must be followed by good Muslims


place of worship for the followers of the Islamic faith


religious teachers in the Jewish faith that interpret Judaic law


Islamic name for God

5 Pillars

Rules that a good Muslim must follow to attain salvation


building that holds the sacred Holy black stone...from Allah


Islamic holy war


form of government where a religious leader holds the reigns of political separation of church and state


Mohammed's flight from Mecca and Medina 622 A.D. considered to be the first year of the Islamic calendar

power vacuum

empty space found when two or more groups...individuals tange, and something must fill it


ceremony of parading around the Kaaba in Mecca


religious beliefs based on a literal (actual) interpretation of everything in the ...Koran


majority Muslim sect found in the Middle East believe that Mohammed's successor should be elected caliph


minority Islamic group that believed that Mohammed's successor should be a descendant of his.

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