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One advantage of the solid-state diode over the tube diode is

Small size

The point where the N-type and P-type materials touch is called

the juction

Which of the following is not a diode


What element is commonly used to make semiconductors


A diode that glows when forward biased is the


The main characteristic of any diode is

it lets current flow in only one direction

Two types of semicondutor material are

N and P

PRV stands for

peak reverse voltage

A rectifier using one diode is a

half-wave rectifier

The rectifier circuit depends on the operation of what part


An advantage of the bridge rectifier is

full-wave rectification without center-tap transformer

In a full-wave rectifier , load current flows

in one direction during both halves of the ac cycle

A simple diode conducts current when


A diode that glows when forward biased is the


The bridge rectifier uses

four diodes

Which of the following is not a diode?


PRV stands for

peak reverse voltage

The rectifier is used to change

ac to dc

What is ripple

varying direct current

What part is most common in a filter circut


A bad filter will cause an audio system to


What is a filter circuit used for

remove ripple

As compared with a half-wave rectifier, a full-wave or bridge rectifier

reduces ripple

Expensive power supplies should have

very low ripple

Use of a filter in a power supply will

increase the dc output

What instrument is used to measure ripple

ac voltmeter

A capacitor reduces ripple by

storing and releasing electrons

Filter action can be improved by

adding capacitance

The ratio of input to output is known as


A circuit used to change ac to dc is a


If load resistance changes during use, divider voltage levels will


An important fact to know when designing a voltage divider is

load resistance

A skill or area of knowledge not required when designing a voltage divider is


A multilevel voltage divider uses

two or more resistors in series

The easiest way to drop, reduce , voltage to a single load is to

place a resistor in series with the laod

The important part in a voltage divider circuit is a


The cathode on a zener diode symbol looks like

the letter Z

The equation for percent regulation is

E1-E2/E2 x 100

A power supply with very little voltage change when the load changes is said to have

good regulation

A component not used as part of a voltage regulator circuit is the

rectifier diode

An electronics circuit that keeps the output voltage from changing is a


A forward-baised zener diode has

low resistance

An electronic device that uses a well regulated power supply is a

radio transmitter

The term building blocks refers to

individual circuts

A bias supply is often used for

tube tramsmitter circuts

Power supply circut design depends mostly on

how power is to be used

Multivoltage power supply transformers have

two or more secondary windings

A floating power supply is

not connected to a common or circut point

The most expensive part of a power supply is usually the


The typical power supply does not contain an


The semiconductor type in the base of an NPN transistor is


The transistor affects the operation of a circut much as a

switch or variable resistor

Three transistor parts are

emmiter, base, collector

Current can flow in the output of a transistor only when

the input is forward biased

The transistor has largely replaced the vacuum tube because of its

small size and low heat

The arrowhead on a PNP transistor symbol points

toward the base

The order of semiconductor materials in a transistor is


A sine wave that gradually drops in amplitude is said to be


For oscillators that must have stable frequencies, the following tuned circuit is best


Sending some of the output signal to the input is


The howl in a poorly setup public address system is an example of

audio oscillation

A basic oscillator wave is


The frequency of a tuned circuit can be changed by using

variable parts

An RF oscillator makes current at

radio frequencies

Oscillators are used in electronic music instruments to make


The frequency of a tuned circuit is determined by

part values

In the colpitts oscillator, the feedback path is connected between

two capacitors

An SCR has

three leads

An SCR in an ac circuit acts much like a

diode rectifier

Current through the SCR can be stopped by

opening the circuit

An SCR can be tested with


The SCR is useful for controlling circuits with

high power

The SCR is triggered by forward bias on the

gate-cathode junction

SCR control of an ac circuit is set by the

triggering circuit

The SCR can control power in a circuit much like a

relay switch

An SCR is not used to

amplify audio signals

The SCR schematic symbol shows

gate, anode, cathode

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