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to talk

说话 shuōhuà

word; speech

话 huà

previous; the previous one;

上个 shàng ge

(a structural particle)

得 de

to review

复习 fùxí

to write

写 xiě


字 zì


慢 màn

measure word for long, thin, inflexible objects such as pens, rifles, etc.

枝 zhī


笔 bǐ

measure word for flat objects, paper, pictures, etc.

张 zhāng


纸 zhǐ

to teach

教 jiāo

how; how come

怎么 zěnme

to understand

懂 dǒng


真 zhēn


哪里 nǎli

to preview

预习 yùxí

to study; to learn

学;学习 xué; xuéxí

(prefix for numbers)

第 dì


语法 yǔfǎ


容易 róngyì

new words; vocabulary

生词 shēngcí

many; much

多 duō

Chinese characters

汉字 hànzì


难 nán

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