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  1. damage the cell membrane by changing the shape of it and causing particles to not go through as well
  2. formed from superoxide
  3. vitamin E, vitamin C, manganse, glutathione peroxidase
  4. LOO* + AH- --> LOOH + DHAA
  5. does not need to be regenerated
  1. a peroxyl radicals
  2. b vitamin A
  3. c peroxyl radical
  4. d elimination of peroxyl radical with vitamin C
  5. e eliminate peroxyl radicals

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  1. eliminates hydroxyradical
  2. forms ROS
  3. elimination of superoxide with vitamin C
  4. superoxide dismutase
  5. hydroxyradicals

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  1. O2- + O2- + 2H+ --(superoxide dismutase) --> H2O2 + O2elimination of superoxide with superoxide dismutase


  2. LOO* + EH --> LOOH + E-elimination of peroxyl radical with vitamin E


  3. formed from lipid peroxidation form respiratory burstshydroxyradicals


  4. *OH --(AH2-->AH-)--> H2Oelimination of hydroxyradical with glutathione


  5. turns into hydrogen peroxidesuperoxide radical