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cell cycle

pattern of growth, DNA replication, and cell division that occurs in a eukaryotic cell


process by which a cell divides its nucleus and contents


process by which the cell cytoplasm divides


long, continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes and regulatory info


protein that organizes chromosome and around which DNA wraps


loose combo of DNA and proteins that is present during interphase


one half of a duplicated chromosome


part of condensed chromosome that looks pinched


repeating nucleotide at the ends of DNA molecules that do not form genes and help prevent the loss of genes


1st phase of mitosis


2nd phase of mitosis


3rd phase of mitosis


last phase of mitosis

growth factor

broad group of proteins that stimulate cell division


programmed cell death


common name for a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division


having no dangerous effect on health


cancerous tumor in which cells break away and spread to other parts of the body


to spread by transferring a disease-causing agent from the site of the disease to other parts of the body


substance that causes cancer

asexual reproduction

process by which offspring are produced from a single-parent

binary fission

asexual reproduction in which a single-called organisn divides into 2 equal parts


group of cells that work together to preform a single function


group of different types of tissue that work together to preform a specific function or related function

organ system

two or more organs that work in a coordinated way to carry out similar functions

cell differentiation

process by which unspecialized cells develop into mature form and function

stem cell

cell that can divide for long periods of time while remaining undifferentiated

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