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  1. charade
  2. devout
  3. laudable
  4. tightfisted
  5. quarantine
  1. a adj. worthy of praise
  2. b adj. stingy; miserly
  3. c adj. devoted to religion; sincere
  4. d n. an obvious pretense or deception
  5. e n. enforced isolation to prevent the spread of disease; v. to isolate for such purpose

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  1. n. a situation in which one must choose between two equally bad alternatives
  2. v. to dig up out of the ground
  3. adj. about to fall apart or fall down
  4. adj. very fat
  5. n. a mixture of things not usually placed together

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  1. disciplen. a follower of another who helps to spread teachings


  2. uncouthadj. uncultured; crude


  3. quiescentadj. extremely infectious or harmful; bitterly hostile


  4. exorbitantadj. excessive


  5. impotentadj. extremely infectious or harmful; bitterly hostile