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  1. tightfisted
  2. transfix
  3. quiescent
  4. vendetta
  5. sadistic
  1. a adj. inactive, oft. suggesting a temporary state
  2. b adj. stingy; miserly
  3. c v. to pierce, as with a pointed weapon; to render motionless, as with fear
  4. d adj. getting pleasure from inflicting physical or psychological pain
  5. e n. a bitter feud or quarrel; fight

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  1. n. a rich or powerful person
  2. n. a kind, or type
  3. n. enforced isolation to prevent the spread of disease; v. to isolate for such purpose
  4. v. to polish
  5. v. to steal, oft. in violation of a trust

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  1. charaden. a stage in a process of change or development


  2. tactn. skill in dealing with others, esp. in difficult situations


  3. phaseadj. dull-witted; unrefined


  4. devoutn. a collection of previously published material, usu. in condensed form


  5. crassn. a stage in a process of change or development