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  1. virulent
  2. sadistic
  3. genre
  4. oracle
  5. gullible
  1. a n. a kind, or type
  2. b adj. getting pleasure from inflicting physical or psychological pain
  3. c adj. easily deceived; credulous
  4. d n. a person thought to be a source of wisdom or prophecy
  5. e adj. extremely infectious or harmful; bitterly hostile

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  1. adj. powerless; helpless; ineffective
  2. adj. diligent; hard-working; constant
  3. adj. about to fall apart or fall down
  4. adj. thoroughly wet, drenched
  5. adj. dull-witted; unrefined

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  1. medleyadj. thoroughly wet, drenched


  2. ewen. a female sheep, esp. when full grown


  3. moguln. a rich or powerful person


  4. quiescentadj. extremely infectious or harmful; bitterly hostile


  5. purloinv. to polish


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