Introduction to Health Care Quiz

Essentials for Nursing Assistants-Introduction to Health Care
Who is the focus of the health care team's efforts?
The patient or resident
What does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration do?
Makes sure that organizations follow safety and health standards designed to keep workers safe
Assisting-Living Facility
Place where people who can provide for most of their own care but who need limited assistance can live
Long-Term care facility (nursing home)
Provides care for people who cannot care for themselves but are not ill enough to be hospitalized
Hospice organization
Provides care for people who are dying and their families
Home health care agency
Provides skilled care in a person's home
Subacute care unit (skilled nursing unit, skilled nursing facility)
Provides care that is focused on rehabilitation; assists patients in making the transition from hospital care to home care
Care of the whole person, physically and emotionally
Minimum Data Set
A report that focuses on the degree of of assistance or skilled care that each resident of a long-term care facility needs
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Improves the quality of life for people who lives in long-term care facilities by making sure that they receive a certain standards of care
A federally funded insurance plan in which all people 65 years or older and some younger disabled people are eligible to participate
A federally funded and stat-regulated insurance plan designed to help people with low incomes pay for health care