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carpal tunnel

eight bones in the wrist that form a tunnel-like structure; the tunnel is filled with flexor tendons that control finger movement and provide a pathway for the median nerve to reach sensory cells in the hand


removal of a cone-shaped piece of tissue


removal of an intervertebral disc

enucleation of the eye

severing of the eyeball from extraorbital muscles and optic nerve and its removal


visualization of the cervical canal and uterine cavity using a hyseteroscopy

intracapsular cataract extraction

removal of lens and surrounding capsule


excision of the entire posterior arch or lamina of a vertebra


surgical incision of the tympanic membrane; usually performed to release pressure or fluid


electrode and pulse generator that are implanted along the spine to alleviate pain or control spasms


surgical removal of the omentum

postpartum care

begins after vaginal or cesarean section delivery


surgical removal of both fallopian tubes and ovaries

transpedicular approach

performed through and inside the pedicle of a thoracic vertebra to access a thoracic disk

vaginal birth after cesarean

planned vaginal birth after previous cesarean section


abnormal dilation of the veins of the spermatic testis

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