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Which line best depicts a facultative anaerobe in the absence of O2?


Which line best illustates a mesophile at 5*C its optimum temperature?


The addition of which of the following to a culture medium will neutralize acids?


Salts and sugars work to preserve foods by creating a?

Hypertonic Environment

The term facultative anaerobe refers to an organism that?

Uses oxygen or grows without oxygen

Which of the following is not a disadvantage of the standard plate count?

Determine viable cells

Which of the following is not a disadvantage of the direct microscopic count?

Sample volume is unknown

Which of the following is not used to determine metabolic activity?


36 colonies grew in nutrient agar from 1.0 ml of undiluted sample in a standard plate count. How many cells were in the original sample?


Which section shows a growth phase where the number of cells dying equals the number of cells dividing?


Which sections of the graph illustrate a logarithmic change in cell numbers?

B and D

Most bacteria grow best at pH


When the experiement is first set up, the initial movement of water will be

A to B; C to B; C to A

A culture medium on which only gram-positive organisms grow and a yellow halo surrounds Staphylococcus aureus is called a(n)

A and B

A culture medium consisting of agar, human blood, and beef heart is a?

Complex defined medium

Which of the following pairs is mismatched?

Thermophile-growth at 37*C

During which growth phase will gram-positive bacteria be most susceptible to penicillin?

LOG phase

Which of the following is the best definition of generation time?

The length of time it takes for a cell to divide

All of the following are direct methods to measure microbial growth except...

Metabolic activity

Which group of microorganisims is most likley to spoil a freshwater trout preserved with salt?


Which of the following is an organic growth factor?


WHich of the following is an example of metabolic activity that could be used to measure microbial growth?

Glucose consumption

An experiment began with 4 cells and ended with 128 cells. How many generations did the cells go through?


Three cells with generation times of 30 minutes are inoculated into a culture medium. How many cells are there after 5 hours?

3 x 2^10

This organism produces catalase and superoxide dimutase


THis organism is killed by atmospheric O2

Obligate anaerobe

Which line depicts the growth of an anaerobe in the presence of )2?


Which line depicts the growth of mesophile with an optimum temperature of 35C INCUBATED AT 40c?


Producers in the hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor use CO2 for their carbon souce and what for energy?


WHich line shows the growth of an obligate aerobe incubated anaerobicaly?


Which line best illustrates the growth of a facultative anaerobe incubated aerobically?


WHich line best depicts a catalase-negative cell incubated aerobically?


Which medium (media) is chemically defined?

Medium A

On which medium would an autotroph grow?

Medium A



Assume you inoculated 100 cells into 100 ml nutrient broth. You then inoculated 100 cells of the same species into 200 ml nutrient broth. After incubation fo 24 hr, you should have

The same number of cells in both

The source of nutrients in nutrient agar is

Peptone and beef extract

Catalyzes the reaction: O2- + O-2 + 2H+ -> H2O2+O2

Superoxide dismutase



H2O2 + 2H= -> 2H2O


Micrococci are facultative halophiles. Which line best depicts the growth of M. luteus in a nutriend medium containing 7.5% NaCl


Which line best depicts a psychrophile incubated at room temperature?


Which line best depicts a psychrotroph incubated at 0*C?


WHich line best depicts Neisseria gonorrhoeae when growing inside the human body?


The following data show growth of two bacteria on different media

Facultative halophile

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