20 terms

Learning idioms with Martin McMorrow - Jul. 28 - Aug. 06, 2009

mundane / very ordinary
play (it) safe
not take a risk
it's (not all) plain sailing
it's not easy
behind the scenes
not in public
from scratch
from zero
lull sb into a false sense of security / give sb a false sense of security
make someone complacent
be in sb's shoes
be in sb's position
have / take a shot at/ give sth a shot
be snowed under
be very busy (especially with paperwork)
on the spot
at the time and place
on the spur of the moment
back to square one
start again from zero (with no progress made)
know where you stand
not be under any illusion
up-to-date / cutting-edge
(not by any/ by no) stretch of the imagination
not at all
a stumbling block
an obstacle (especially in negotiations)
to follow suit
to copy
red tape
stand / stick out like a sore thumb
be obviously different
have a sweet tooth
enjoy sugar etc