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Function of the Fornix?

Tract of white matter that connects the hippocampus w/the hypothalamus

List the 3 regions of the Brain Stem?

Midbrain/Mesencephalon, Pons, & Medulla Oblongata

What structures are in the Midbrain & what is it's function?

Superior & Inferior Colliculi, Reticular Activating System (RAS) Main motor pathway between the cerebrum & the lower parts of the nervous system

What structures are in the Pons & what is their function?

Apneustic & Pneumotaxic centers; helps controls facial muscles, bring sensory information from the inner ear, helps control respiratory rate, carries both sensory & motor info to the cerebellum, thalamus, & down the spinal cord

What structures are in the Medulla Oblongata?

Vital reflex center; Cardiac, Vasomotor, & Respiratory

Functions of the Medulla Oblongata?

Helps control heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiration

Where is the Sensory & Motor nuclei located and what is it's function?

Medulla Oblongata; Provide motor control to muscles in neck, back, & some organs, provides sensory info from inner ear, links ascending & descending tracts between the spinal cord & brain.

What are the 2 parts of Corpora Quadrigemina & what is their function?

Superior & Inferior Colculli Integrates visual information, involved in visual reflexes, relay auditory information, auditory reflexes

Which area of the brain stem contains the headquarters for the reticular formation?


Function of the Reticular Formation?

Alerts the cerebrum to a state of conscious

What area of the brain contains the apneustic & the pneumotaxic center?


Function of Apneustic & Pneumotaxic centers?

Adjust /control respiratory rate

Which area of the brain stem contains the vital reflex centers?

Medulla Oblongata

What types of variables are controlled by the Vital reflex center?

heart beat, blood pressure, respiration

What is the function of the Cerebellum?

Maintain balance, controls proprioception

What is proprioception?

The sense of position or orientation.
Allows us to sense movement and location of one body part to another.

What fibers does the Dorsal root contain?


What fibers does the Ventral root contain?


What fibers does the Spinal nerve contain?

Both, Sensory and Motor

What fibers does the Dorsal ramus contain?

Both, Sensory and Motor

What fibers does the Ventral Ramus contain?

Both, Sensory and Motor

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