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ORST106 Exam 2

Marketing Assoc
Code of ethics adapted by the American ____ speaks about doing no harm, fostering trust, and improving customer confidence in the integrity of the marketing exchange system
Marketing professionals abide by a code of ethics of the _____
____ ethics refers to the actions placed within a strictly moral context instead of basing actions on the needs of the particular situation
The ___ department should be at the center of any corporate code of ethics
The ____function keeps track of company financial transactions by documenting money coming in and going out and by balancing the accounts at the end of the period
The certification of an organization's financial statements or books as being accurate by an impartial third-party professional refers to the ___ function
A set of ___ governs the accounting profession
The last resort for ethical guidance is the Code of Ethics issued by the ____
An organization's ____ consists of the values, beliefs, and norms shared by all of the employees of that organization
Value Chain
The key functional inputs that an org. provides during the transformation of raw materials into a delivered product/service is referred to as a ___
Organizational _____ can be defined as the values, beliefs, and norms shared by all the competitors and employees of the org.
R & D
The ___ dept of an org. carries the responsibility for the future growth of the organization.
Marketers play the consumer service card, and therefor argue that, since customers are satisfied, the outcome justifies the methods used to achieve it, no matter how misleading the messages or how unnecessary the product sold. This argument represents a ____ view of ethics.
Social Responsibility
Corporate ____ are the actions of an org. that target achieving a social benefit over an d above maximizing profits for its shareholders and meeting all legal obligations
Corporate ____ implies that an org. operates with an awareness of its obligation to society
The ____ approach to corp. management states that the only obligation of a corp is to maximize profits for its shareholders
Social Responsibilities
Many companies adopt a policy of corp ___ only after being surprised by public responses to issues they had not previously thought were part of their business responsibilities
Milton Friedman
___ said that it would be unethical for a corporation to do anything other than deliver profits for its investors
Social Contract
The ___ approach to corp management is considered simplistic because it assumes that there are no external consequences to the actions of the corp.
Stakeholders rather than Shareholders
By recognizing ____ rather than ____, corps must maintain a long-term perspective rather than simply delivering quarterly earnings numbers.
Henry Ford
As early as 1969, _____ recognized that corps do not operate in an isolated environment
Well by doing Good
Those companies that support the policy of doing __ by doing ___ believe that doing what's best in the long-term interest of the customer is ultimately doing what's best for the company
Many, if not most, developing countries are governed by ____ regimes
Many ____ initiatives do not generate immediate financial gains to the org.
Triple Bottom Line
Many corps are now reporting a _______ in their annual reports that includes updates on their social and environmental activities in addition to their bottom line financial performance
____ CSR is the most legitimate type of CSR
When organizations pursue a clearly defined sense of social conscience in managing their financial responsibilities to shareholders, their legal responsibilities to their local community and society as a whole, and their ethical responsibilities to "do the right thing" for all their stakeholders, they are following a _____ CSR initiative
____ CSR is philanthropic approach to CSR, in which organizations underwrite specific initiatives to give back to the company's local community or to designated national or international programs
The ____ approach to CSR argues that philanthropic initiatives are authorized without concern for the corporation's overall profitability
Southwest Airlines supports the Ronald McDonald Houses with donations of both dollars and employee-donated wolunteer hours. This is an example of ______ CSR
_____ CSR encompasses philanthropic activities targeted toward programs that generate the most positive publicity or goodwill for the organization
Carbon Neutral
______ operations are one of the newest and increasingly questionable practices in the world of CSR
Carbon Neutral
The practice of making a company's operations ________ to offset damage to the environment through their greenhouse gas emissions was initially developed as a solution for those industries that face significant challenges in reducing their emissions
Carbon Investors and Services Association
The European ____________ was created in Nov. 2006, when the Deutsche Bank teamed up with more than a dozen investment banks and five carbon-trading organizations in Europe
In contrast to the Cadbury report's focus on internal governance, the _______ report included a code of corp practices and conduct that went beyond the corp itself
King 2
_____ formally recognized the need to move the stakeholder model forward and to consider a triple bottom line instead of a single bottom line of profitability
The Cadbury report argued for a guideline of "comply or ___"
The Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 incorporates the approach of "comply or ____"
Comply or Else
The set of guidelines that requires companies to abide by a set of operating standards or face stiff financial penalties refers to ________
comply or Explain
The set of guidelines that requires companies to abide by a set of operating standards and to explain why they choose not to refers to __________