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Which technique would enable your lab group to distinguish between a cell in G2 and a cell from the same organism in G1?

radioactive-labeled nucleotides

What is true of all cancer cells?

They have escaped normal cell cycle controls

How do cancer cells differ from normal cells?

Cancer cells may be immortal

The cell cycle control systems of cancer cells differ from those of normal cells. What is an explanation for this?

Genetic changes alter the function of the cancer cell's protein products

If a eukaryotic cell is in the G1 phase of the cell cycle, what is true about the cell's chromosomes?

Each chromosome is made of a complex of DNA and associated proteins.

Which statement provides the best description of the interphase portion of the cell cycle

During interphase, a cell is metabolically active

Starting with a fertilized egg (zygote), a series of five cell divisions would produce an early embryo with how many cells?


If there are 20 chromatids in a cell, how many centromeres are there?


At which phase are centrioles beginning to move apart in animal cells?


If there are 20 centromeres in a cell at anaphase, how many chromosomes are there in each daughter cell following cytokinesis?


Measurements of the amount of DNA per nucleus were taken on a large number of cells from a growing fungus. The measured DNA levels ranged from 3 to 6 picograms per nucleus. In which stage of the cell cycle did the nucleus contain 6 picograms of DNA?


A group of cells is assayed for DNA content immediately following mitosis and is found to have an average of 8 picograms of DNA per nucleus. How many picograms would be found at the end of S and the end of G2?

16; 16

What is a cleavage furrow?

a groove in the plasma membrane between daughter nuclei

Which would you expect to increase significantly from M to G1?

organelle density and enzymatic activity

Which of the following would result if colchicine is added to a sample of cells in G2?

The chromosomes would coil and shorten but have no spindle to which to attach

These protists are intermediate in what sense?

They maintain a nuclear envelope during division

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