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Direct current

continuous and unidirectional flow of charged particles

Direct current - uses

iontophoresis, stimulating denervated muscles to contract, occasional wound healing

Alternating current

continuous and bidirectional flow of charged particles

Alternating current - uses

muscle contraction, pain management

Pulse current

interrupted flow of current, series of pulses separated by no current flow, may be uni or bi directional


tissue healing, acute edema, high voltage pulsed current

Biphasic asymmetric

muscle contraction of small muscles, pain control with TENS

Biphasic symmetric

muscle contraction of large muscles, pain control with TENS

Interferential Current or IFC

interference of 2 AC's of slightly different frequencies at a 90 degree angle. 2 channels 4 electrodes

Beat frequency

difference between the frequencies of the original AC's

IFC - benefits

pain management, more comfortable, higher current in deeper tissues, stimulates larger area.


positive pole


negative pole


positive charge


negative charge


total frequency dependent opposition to current flow


electrical force moving charged particles through a conductor between two regions or points

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