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Pancreatitis, Cholelithiases, and Cholecystitis Study Guide


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Inflammatory process of pancreas
Causes of pancreatitis
*Biliary tract-Most common in women
*Alcoholism-Most common in men
-Gallbladder disease
Symptoms of pancreatitis
*Abdominal pain in LU quadrant or midepigastric that can radiate to back
-Sudden, severe, deep, continuous
-Aggravated by eating/not relieved by vomiting
Two main complications of pancreatitis
1. Pseudocyst-A cavity outside the pancrease filled with necrtotic products
2. Pancreatic abscess-*Require prompt surgical drainage to prevent sepsis
What is the enzyme we look at when concerned about possible pancreatic problems
Serum amylase and Lipase being elevated
CC for patient with Pancreatitis includes
-Pain relief-Morphine
-Prevent shock-Monitor albumin levels (Dopamine)
-Reduce pancreatic secretions-NPO/NG tube
-Controld F&Es-Lactated Ringer's
Chronic pancreatitis
A continuous, prolonged, inflammatory, and fibrosing process of the pancreas
-Stricures and calcifications occur in the pancreas
Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis
-Abdominal pain not relieved by food/antacids
-Weight loss, constipation, jaundice, dark urine
Why is medication give PO to pt with chronic pancreatitis given enteric coated medications?
To ensure they enter the duodenum before metabolizing
Medications given to pt with chronic pancreatitis
-Pancreatic enzymes-Viokase, Cotazym
-Bile salts to absorb fat soluble vitamins
-Insulin to control DM
-H2- blockers, PPI's (Dine/Zole)
Recommended diet for patient with chronic pancreatitis
-Low fat
-High Carbohydrates
Prognosis of pancreatic cancer
Poor, 5-12 months death
Risk factors for pancreatic cancer
-Family history
-High fat diet
-Exposure to chemicals
What is the most common CC for patient with Pancreatic cancer?
Whipple procedure-Resection of the proximal pancreas, the adjoining duodenum, the distal portion of the stomach, and the distal segment of the common bile duct
Stones in the gallbladder
Inflammation of the gallbladder
-Obstruction by gallstones or biliary sludge most common cause
What is the most common surgical procedure in the USA
Symptoms of Cholecystitis include
-Pain in RUQ radiating to R shoulder
Symptoms of Cholelithiasis include