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Ocean test 1

plants lived near the poles, but landmasses have drifted to current locations
Fossils of ancient polar plants are currently found near the equator because the:
continental slope
Directly seaward of the continental shelf is a more steeply sloping region called the..
differing densities of the rock and mineral materials
The separation of the earth into layers was the result of the
parallel to and symmetric about oceanic ridges
The seafloor magnetic pattern is best described as
best explains all available observations
Based on the scientific method, science supports the explanation of the natural world that
increases in proportion to the distance
Moving from oceanic ridge to oceanic trench, the thickness of the lithosphere:
none of the above
Submarine canyons were most likely formed by
sediments derived from pre-exisiting rocks are called
all bodies in the solar system formed from an enormous gas cloud
The nebular hypothesis suggests that
Mid-ocean ridge
New lithosphere is produced in association with
all of the above
(proximity to continents, productivity of microscopic marine organisms, depth of ocean)
The distribution of neritic and pelagic sediments is influenced by many factors including
Pacific Ocean
Which ocean is the deepest on earth?
Divergent Boundary
The mid-Atlantic ridge is an example of a
Deep-sea trenches
Old lithosphere is destroyed in association with
Diatom ooze
all of the following are lithogenous sediments except
The lithosphere is composed of the crust and the topmost portion of the mantle
Which of the following statements is true of the lithosphere
Volcanic Island arcs
Which of the following is characteristic of oceanic-oceanic plate boundaries?
White and black smokers
Hot vent hydrothermal vent form
Sediments produced as a result of evaporation of seawater are called
ALL of the above,
Have changed in the past
continue to change today
Will look very different in the future
the portions of various sea floor and continental features
the early oceans and atmosphere are thought to have come from inside earth, and were formed by a process called outgassing, true or false?
The oldest oceanic rocks are located at mid-ocean ridge, true or false?
continental-continental convergence is associated with uplifted mountain ranges and deep earthquakes, true or false?
the hypsographic curve is a graphic representation of the uneven distribution of areas at different land elevations and ocean depths true or false?
the deposition of radiolarian oozes is affected by the carbonate compensation depth, true or false?
passive margins are continental margins that are associated with lithospheric plate boundaries marked by a high degree of tectonic activity, true or false?
Submarine canyons are continental slope and to a lesser extent on the continental shelf are cuts in the slope by turbidity currents, true or false?
calcareous shells will generally not accumulate on the ocean sea floor when the water depth exceeds calcite compensation depth
the mantle plumes and their associated hot spots record the motion of plates past them
a well-sorted sand deposit with rounded particles might be called immature
the major force brining continental sediments to the open ocean are
many deep sea fans
continental rises are formed by
large particles such as gravel
high-energy enviornments are more likely to contain which of the following?
continental shelf
the most gradual change in slope in the ocean can be found at the
free oxygen was present in the earth's first atmosphere as a result of photosynthesis, true or false?
parallel to the rift valley
with respect to mid ocean ridges, transform faults are
sediments found on continental margins are called
fast moving spreading ridges tend to be more gently sloped than slow moving ridges
lots of carbon dioxide and cold temperatures
calcium carbonate is most likely to dissolve in water with which characteristics
absolute age of the rock
radioactive isotopes can sometimes be used to determine the
contours at around 2000 meters at depth
all continents fit together with the least number of overlaps and gaps when the continents are matched along
which of the following contains silica?
continental crust is thicker and less dense than oceanic crust
Which of the following statements regarding continental and oceanic crust is true?