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  1. Erosion
  2. Tributary
  3. Distributary
  4. U
  5. Glacier
  1. a a river or creek which flows out of a larger river
  2. b a river or creek which flows into a larger river
  3. c The shape of a glacier
  4. d The process of weathering rocks is called what starting with E?
  5. e This is a river of ice and rock

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  1. Water flowing from hard rock onto much softer rock forms what feature in some rivers?
  2. The shape of a river Valley
  3. a large stream of water which flows across the land
  4. the steep edge or cliff bank that has been eroded by a river.
  5. a bend in a river

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  1. wateran inland body of water


  2. MouthThe shape of a glacier


  3. watershedWhat is the name for the substance that is responsible for changing our landscape?


  4. Flood Plainan inland body of water


  5. Lakean inland body of water