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headed by the mother rather than the father


headed by the eldest male family or group member


Buddhists that accepted the new doctrines by the first century A.D.


Buddhists who held to the Buddha's stricter, original teachings

Silk Road

vast network of caravan routes used to bring will from China to Western Asia and then on to Rome


occurs when a group has exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods


the process of making conquered peoples part of the Chinese culture

Seleucus I

Chandragupta Maura defeated what general(s) in order to get more land?


Where did Asoka lose many soldiers and civilians?


This priest created a ruler's handbook for running an empire.

Three kingdoms of Tamil people who had never been conquered by the Mauryans

What were often at war with each other in Southern India?

Chandra Gupta I

This leader took the title of the "Great King of Kings."


Which Hindu god was known as the creator of the world?


Which Hindu god was known as the preserver of the world?

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