What is Life? Guided reading questions

What is an organism?
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Is the following sentence true or false? Flies can arise from rotting meatTrueThe idea that living things can come from nonliving sources called...spontaneous generationWhat did Francesco Redi show in his experiment?He showed that flies can arise from rotting meatThe factor that a scientist changes in a controlled experiment is the...independent variableIs the following sentence true or false? Louis Pasteur used a controlled experiment to show that bacteria arisa from spontaneous generation.FalseLiving things need...water, living space, stable internal conditions, foodIs the following sentence true or false? Living things use food as their energy source to carry out their life functionsTrueOrganisms that make their own food are called _______.autotrophsOrganisms that cannot make their food are called _____.heterotrophsIs the following sentence true or false? Living things can live without water for long periods of time.FalseWhy do living things need water?Living things need water because they need water to obtain chemicals from their surroundings, break down food, grow, more substances within their bodies, and reproduceIs the following sentence true or false? Organisms compete with each other for space to live.TrueWhy must living things have homeostasis, or sable internal conditions?They must have stable internal conditions because their homeostasis needs to be just right for cells to functionHooke see cells in...corkLeeuwenhoek sees...animal cues in drops of lake waterSchleider discovers...all plants are made of cellsSchwan discovers...all animals are made of cellsVirchow discovers...all cells come from cellsWhat are cells?cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things