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  1. Infection,exercise cold air occupation exposure drugs
  2. Decreased tactile and vocal fremitus, hyperresonnance
  3. 40 plus
  4. Inflammation,mucosal secretions ,increased secretions
  5. Increase RR,hr,BP,cardiac output insp and exp accessory muscle se ,increase AP diameter, intcostal retractions cough sputum

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  1. Intrinsic asthmaAllergic


  2. Extrinsic releasesMast cells that releAse chemical mediators such as eosinophils, leukotrinesbhistamines


  3. The chemical mediators causeSmooth muscle constriction brnchospasm dilation of blood vessels and tissue swelling AKA edema


  4. Status asthmatics may get treated withMechanical ventilation because ot dosent respond to meds