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  1. Corticosteroids and long acting B2 adrenergics
  2. Infection,exercise cold air occupation exposure drugs
  3. Mast cells that releAse chemical mediators such as eosinophils, leukotrinesbhistamines
  4. Decreased tactile and vocal fremitus, hyperresonnance
  5. 40 plus

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  1. The chemical mediators causeSmooth muscle constriction brnchospasm dilation of blood vessels and tissue swelling AKA edema


  2. Extrinsic asthmaAsthma diagnosed when NO extrinsic factor can be identified. Result of factors such as emotional stress, exercise or fatigue.


  3. Chest xray signsFlat diaphragms increased intercostal spacebradiolucency


  4. Rescue inhalers areFlat diaphragms increased intercostal spacebradiolucency


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