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rain guage

device used to measure precipitation


the measure of how warm or cold something is

air mass

a large body of air that has the same temperature and level of humidity throughout


a gauge for recording the speed and direction of the wind


a device used to measure air pressure


the amount of water vapor in the air

high pressure

cooler temperature and less moisture

low pressure

hotter temperature and more moisture

air pressure

the weight of the air in an area


caused by differences in air pressure; the uneven heating and cooling of Earth's surface

wind movement

usually winds move from west to east

mountain breeze

the movement of air caused by cool air sinking and moving down the slope of a mountain

mountains and weather

temperature in mountainous areas tend to be lower than those in flat area


is the Earth moving in a path around the Sun, resulting in one Earth year


is Earth turning around itself once every 24 hours resulting in day and night

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