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23 terms by Calum_Mawer

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Fish Eggs

Laid in water, soft, no shell, provide food, same as amphibians

Amniotic eggs

Laid on land, has shell, provides food and water and protection, reptile and birds eggs


scales, fins, gills, lay eggs in water, ectotherm


must stay by water, have tail and legs, have lungs, lay hundreds of eggs, ectotherm


Thick skin and scales, tails and legs, lungs, lay few amniotic eggs on land, ectotherm


Feathers, wings, lungs, lay amniotic eggs on land, endothermic


Hair, legs, lungs, live birth, no shell, endothermic


have a nucleus and complex organelles, divers-variety, cells walls made of cellulose, single-celled,


traps solar energy and convert it to chemical energy through photosynthesis, plant like protist


get energy by capturing and ingesting food, animal like protist


absorb nutrients from dead matter, fungus like protist


Swollen base of the pistil and inside are ovules and eggs


sticky tip on top of style and catches pollen


outermost rings modify leaves that protect the bud


brightly colored leaf shaped parts of a flower


female part of flower found at the center part of a flower includes stigma, style and ovary


male reproductive part of a flower that includes the anther and filament


upper proportion of the stamen where pollen is produced


thin stem-like part of the stamen that supports the anther


slender middle proportion of the pistil

pollen tube

small tube in the pistil that sperm cells travel through to get inside the ovary


female sex cell used in reproduction


male sex cell, used in reproduction, also known as pollen

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