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Computer Design: PowerPoint Flashcards

adding motion to an object
the way content and text placeholders are placed on the slide
live preview
the Office 2007 feature that lets you point to the various choices in a gallery or palette and see the results before applying
normal view
the view in PowerPoint that includes the Slides/Outline tabs on the left, the Slide pane showing the selected slide in the center, and the Notes pane beneath the Slide pane; commonly used to place objects on the slide
notes page view
a view in PowerPoint for working on the speaker notes page; includes placeholders for the slide notes
outline tab
a tab used to enter text in Normal view; located on the left side of the window in the same pane as the Slides tab; the tab that shows the text or words on the slides in an outline view
slide pane
the main work area for the selected slide in Normal view
slide show view
a view in PowerPoint that shows the slides on the full screen with the animations and transitions
slide sorter view
a view in PowerPoint that displays a thumbnail of each slide in the order in which they appear in the presentation; used to rearrange slides, check timings, and view slide transitions
task pane
a window along the (left) right side of the program that contains options and commands; opens on the right side of the Slide pane for some tasks, such as inserting clip art and animations
small graphic image; small images of the selected slide that you are working on
the animated way in which a slide appears and leaves the screen during a slide show
motion paths
a way to animate an object by drawing the path on the slide
slide master
determines the graphics and layout for the slides in a presentation
smart art graphic
a graphic diagram that visually illustrates text and includes formatted graphics
text or graphics organized in columns and rows
organization chart
a Smart Art graphic used to show hierarchy and relationships of people or objects
a feature that allows you to move, format, or resize several objects as if they were one object
action button
an interactive button that performs instructions such as going to a specific slide or other object that you can create by drawing from the shapes gallery