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anima, -ae, f.

spirit, soul

aura, -ae, f.

breeze, air

dens, dentis, m.


Eurydice, -es, f., acc. -en


exitus, -us, m.

outcome, end, way out

fatum, -i, n.


herba, -ae, f.


matrimonium, -ii, n.

matrimony, wedding

monstrum, -i, n.


nupta, -ae, f.


omen, -inis, n.

omen, portent

orbis, orbis, -ium, m.

circle (wheel)

Orpheus, -i, m.


regnum, -i, n.

kingdom, rule

serpens, -entis, c.

snake, serpent

umbra, -ae, f.

shade, spirit, shadow

accipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptum

receive, accept

adeo, -ire, -ivi or -ii, -itum

go to, approach, go near

affero, -ferre, attuli, allatum

carry to, bring to, bring in

ait, pl. aiunt

3rd p. said

audeo, -ere, aussus sum


aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatum

carry away, carry off

exeo, -ire, -ivi or -ii, -itum

go out, depart

fero, ferre, tuli, latum

bear, bring, carry

invenio, -ire, -veni, -ventum

find, discover

occido, -ere, -cidi, -casum

die, perish, fall down

ploro (1)

weep, mourn for

recipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptum

receive, take back; return (with se), restore

redeo, -ire, -ivi or -ii, -itum

go back, retreat

respicio, , -ere, -spexi, -spectum

look back, look behind

retexo, -ere, -ui, -textum

reweave, unravel

reverto, -ere, -verti, -versum

turn back

stupeo, -ere, -ui, -itum

be amazed, be shocked

acer, acris, acre

harsh, hard, rough, bitter

arduus, -a, -um

hard, difficult

avidus, -a, -um


crudelis, -e

cruel, bloody

felix, felicis

happy, fortunate

geminus, -a, -um

twin, double

ingens, ingentis


recens, recentis


superus, -a, -um

highest, upper


in vain

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