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- 45 out of our 46 chromosomes are unisex, so biologically we are very similar.
- Studies have shown that by age 50 parenthood related gender differences subside. Men become more empathetic and less domineering, and women becoming more assertive and self confident (they level out).


- Women enter puberty 2 years sooner than man.
- The projected lifespan of a women is 5 years longer than a mans.
- Women carry 70 percent more fat
- Women have 40 percent less muscle
- On average, women are 5 inches shorter
- Women express emotions more freely
- Have better smell (can smell fainter oders better)
- Offered help more often
- Can be sexually re-aroused soon after orgasm
- Women are doubly vulnerable to depression and anxiety.
- Women's risk of eating disorder is 10 times greater
- Men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide or develop alcohol use disorder
- More likely to diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), color-blindness, ADD and ADHD as a child, and an antisocial disorder as an adult.

- Men are more physically aggressive
- Women are more interdependent (depending on one person)
- Women take more pleasure in talking face to face, and more often use conversation to explore relationships.
- Men are more directive as leaders while women are more democratic
- Women are less driven by money and status and more often opted for reduced worked hours.
- Women turn more to others for support when stressed

Gender differences in social connectedness, power, and other traits peak in late adolescence and early adulthood