Bible Ch. 5-6

Who was the first man?
Who was the second man?
What is incarnation?
Jesus of Nazareth was God made man
Did Christ lose his deity when he became incarnate?
No, Jesus was fully divine and fully human
What is the unfathomable mystery?
The incarnation
The incarnation makes sense of everything the ______ ________ claims.
New Testament
The baby born at Bethlehem was _____.
Who is an apologist?
A defender of the faith
Christ was _____ _______ of God not ___ _______ of God.
THE Son; a Son
What is God's word in the Old Testament?
It is creative utterance
"In the beginning was the Word" =
the Word's eternity
"and the Word was with God" =
the Word's personality
"Through him all things were made" =
the Word's creating
"In him was life" =
the Word's animating
And the Word was God" =
the Word's deity
"And that life was the light of men" =
the Word's revealing
"The Word became flesh" =
the Word's incarnate
The Christmas story rests on what?
That the child in the manger was God
The baby born at Bethlehem was ______ made _________.
God; man
Where did Jesus die?
WHat is the significance of the Manger/Cradle?
It is part of the steps down, to the crucifixion
What does kenosis mean?
emptying (Greek)
What is the kenosis theory?
The deity of Jesus was reduced when he became man
True/False: There is scripture support for the kenosis theory.
FALSE, there is no scripture support for the kenosis theory.
Jesus' knowledge of things both human and divine was sometimes _________.
At some times Jesus displays ___________ __________.
supernatural knowledge
His deity was _______.
Hod did Jesus "become poor" as described in the book?
Jesus restrained his deity and power. He laid a side his glory and humbled himself to be a human where he had misunderstanding, lament, and even death.
What is the Gloria Patri?
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.
WHo thinks the trinity is an essential part to the gospel?
WHat is the Holy Spirit known as?
What are other words for comforter?
counselor, helper, advocate, one to befriend you
Was the Son subject to the Father?
Was the Son sent by the Father?
Who is the Spirit subject to?
The father and the Son
Who is the Spirit sent by?
The Spirit is sent by the Father and the Son
What doctrine is known as the Cinderella of Christian doctrines?
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
What would happen if we didn't have the Holy Spirit?
We wouldn't have the gospel, faith, church, Christianity, or the New Testament in the world at all
How does the Holy Spirit testify to the apostles?
by revealing and inspiring
How does the Holy Spirit testify to us?
by illuminating: opening blinded eyes, restoring spiritual vision, enabling sinners to see that the gospel is indeed God's truth, and Scripture is indeed God's Word, and Christ is indeed God's Son.
Who is the only one that can prove Christianity?
the Holy Spirit
What is the prerogative of CHrist's Spirit?
to convince men's consciences of the truth of Christ's gospel; and Christ's human witnesses must learn to ground their hopes of success not on clever presentation of the truth by man, but by powerful demonstration of the truth by the Spirit.