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Chemichal changes can affect physical and chemichal properties whereas physical changes can affect what?

Physical properties

if the atomic mass of a carbon 12 u, 1 mole of pure carbon will have a mass of

12 grams

An elements atomic number is equal to its number of


Unlike the modern model of the atom, Bohr's model states that

electrons move in set paths around the nucleus of an atom

Democritus's original atomic theory was revised because it

did not have a scientific basis

How much effect do commonly found isotopes have on the average atomic mass of an element?

More than rarely found isotopes

Two different isotopes of an element have different

numbers of neutrons

The abillity of an object to float on a fluid is influenced by the

A. buoyant force of a fluid
B. Density of an object
C. Density of the fluid
D. All of the Above

D. All of the above

You have 85.5 grams of fluorine, which has a molar mass of approximately 19 g/mol. How many moles of fluorine do you have?

4.5 mol

A subatomic particle that has a negative charge is called a(n)


Force divided by the area over which the force is exerted is the calculation for


A measure of the resistance to flow of a fluid is


Upward force exerted on an object immersed or floating on a liquid is called

Buoyant force

Daltons atomic theory was accepted because

There was no evidence to support it

Who determined that atoms could be divided?


Avogadro's number is defined as the number of particles in

One mole of a substance

Atoms have no electric charge because they

have an equal number of electrons and protons

a unified atomic mass unit is equal to

one-twelfth the mass of a carbon- 12 atom

A chemichal property of copper would be its what?


A physical property of gold would be what?


An object's volume can be found by dividing its mass by its what?


Pascal's principle states that a contained fluid exerts pressure ____________

equally in all directions

As the pressure of a moving liquid increases, its speed


According to the new model of the atom, electrons behave like

Waves on a vibrating string

What happens when an electron gains energy?

it goes to an excited state

The different substances in a mixture do what?

Keep their properties

Which property of a substance is not affected by physical change?


Bernoulli's principle describes the property of a(n)

fluid in motion

Which of the following is not a potential sign of chemichal change?


Which is not a fluid?
Air, Water, Carbon dioxide, or wood


According to Rutherford's model of the atom, electrons behave like

Planets orbiting the sun

According to Bohr's theory, an electron's path around the nucleus defines its

Energy level

An electron jumps to a new energy level when

The atom gains or loses energy

Helium is used in balloons because it is

lighter than air

The notion that an object floats if the buoyant force on the object is equal to the object's weight was described by ____________


Which of the following is not an orbital

A. s
B. d
C. p
D. x

D. X

Diamond is known for its


a mole is an SI base unit that describe the

amount of a substance

An atom's mass number equals the number of

Protons plus the number of neutrons

A mole is an SI base unit that describes the

Volume of a substance

Molar mass is defined as

the mass in grams of one mole of a substance

Valence electrons determine an atom's

chemichal properties

Thompson is responsible for discovering that an atom contains


What is a unit or quantum of light?


What is found in the outer energy level of an atom

Valence electrons

Thompson made his discovery about the atom during an experiment using

Cathode rays

The number of energy levels filled in an atom is determined by


Where are electrons likely to be found in an atom?


What is an atoms nucleus made of?

Protons and neutrons

What is the mass of a 2.5 mol of Ca, which has a molar mass of 40 g/mol?

100.0 g Ca

In who's atomic model did negative electrons orbit the positively charged nucleus?


Avogadro's number is useful for

Counting atoms

The speed at which fluid flows through a pipe is influenced by the

A. Flow rate of the fluid
B. Viscosity of the fluid
C. Cross-Sectional area of the pipe
D. All of the above

D. All of the above

How can a chemichal change be reversed?

by chemichal changes

Which tool is best for separating a mixture of sand and water?

A filteration system

According to the modern atomic theory, it is impossible to determine an electrons exact


When will a chemichal change occur?

When new substances form

What are three physical changes?

Dissolving, Bending, and evaporating

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