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This is in accordance with honors theology, freshman year, Introduction to the bible pgs. 220- 232, catechism 456-483, mark 1-7

Who was St. Mathew writing for?

He was a Palastine Jew writing for Palastine Jews.

What was Mathew trying to demonstate in his Gospel?

That Christ is the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament

What was St. Mark a secratary for?

St. Peter

Who did Mark write his Gospels for?

for the Gentiles, but the Roman in particular

What did Mark want to demonstrate?

That Jesus is the almightly God.

What is the church's belief about Christ's humanity and divinity?

One Divine Person, two natures: one Divine and one human, perfectly united and belonging to His Divine Person.

According to the testimony of all antiquity, who was the Gospel of Mathew written by?


The author of Mathew was obviously well informed about?

Jewish matter: geographic, historical, religious, and cultural

It cannot be doubted that Mark the evangelist is the same as...

"John who was surnamed Mark." (Acts. 12, 12)

Why did Paul and Barnabas part company for the second missionary journey after the council of Jerusalem?

Barnabas insisted in bringing Mark along, however since Mark had left durring the first journey at a critical time, Paul said he was unreliable and this was enough for them to go their seperate ways

According to Papias of Hierapolis, St. Mark recieved his account of the Gospels from?

St. Peter

St. Mark's Gospel has been called?


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