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  1. In The Painter and His Model, Picasso was able to approximate the effects of mezzotint with a much simpler technique known as ____.
  2. Because it rests on a square base, the dome of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople is supported by four triangular surfaces known as ____.
  3. In the lost wax process, molten metal is poured into a fire-resistant mold known as a(n) ____.
  4. _________ refers to a distinctive handling of elements and media associated with the work of an individual artist, a school or movment, or a specific culture or period.
  5. Judy Chicago's triangular installation called The Dinner Party was constructed to honor and immortalize _____.
  1. a history's notable women
  2. b aquatint
  3. c pendentives
  4. d investiture
  5. e Style

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  1. dry masonry
  2. Negative
  3. approximate symmetry
  4. Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper
  5. gesso

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  1. Woodcuts make use of the flat surface of wooden boards, but wood engravings use the end sections of the boards, yielding a ____ surface.bent and stretched


  2. Context has a profound influence on style. Artworks are very much a product of ____.their culture at a moment in time


  3. The Cow Parades, turning up in every style and theme imaginable in many cities worldwide, are considered ____.public art


  4. In Wu Jide's River Dwellers, patches of white and well placed touches of color are responsible for the overall ____in an asymmetrical and essentially monochromatic composition.implied line


  5. Contemporary artist Ed Paschke's Anesthesio composition has been "defaced" by ____, thus obscuring Lincoln's portrait.metal plates