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  1. The Gothic, pointed arch church of Notre-Dame of Paris is bathed in light due to its ample ____.
  2. Context has a profound influence on style. Artworks are very much a product of ____.
  3. Compositions such as Barbara Hepworth's Two Figures are termed ______ because they make no reference at all to nature or reality.
  4. A(n) ____ magnifies faraway objects and collapses the spaces between ordinarily distant objects.
  5. Robert Lazzarini's computer altered study for Payphone is intended to ____.
  1. a fenestration
  2. b compel the viewer to take a new look at the familiar
  3. c Nonobjective
  4. d telephoto lens
  5. e their culture at a moment in time

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  1. bronze
  2. history's notable women
  3. parchwork quilt
  4. his breath
  5. Negative

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  1. Made from the seat and handlebars of an old bicycle, ____ is probably the best known assemblage of all time.sprayed red dye


  2. ____ is both a very realistic portrait of rural life in America and an icon of American art due to its many commercial reproductions on cereal boxes, greeting cards, posters, and the like.Grant Wood's American Gothic


  3. The main narrative or subject matter of Barbara Kruger's Untitled: We Don't Need Another Hero is _________.Gender ideology


  4. Suzanne Valadon's Adam and Eve subverts _____.Picasso's Old Guitarist


  5. Mezzotint is rarely used is a painstaking and time consuming procedure