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  1. Broadly defined, ____ is the art of running an implement that leaves a mark over a surface.
  2. Made from the seat and handlebars of an old bicycle, ____ is probably the best known assemblage of all time.
  3. Which of the following statements about steel cable construction, first used to build the Brooklyn Bridge, is not true?
    1. It has great tensile strength.
    2. It is flexible, allowing the roadway underneath to sway.
    3. It can be aesthetically pleasing.
    4. Its many parallel wires share the stress.
    5. It can only span very short distances.
  4. According to Polykleitos, the head of an ideal human body should be ____ of the total height of the body.
  5. Actual texture is primarily experienced through the sense of ____.
  1. a Picasso's Bull Head
  2. b drawing
  3. c one eighth
  4. d It can only span very short distances.
  5. e touch

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  1. Pages of discarded books and newspapers
  2. crumpled brown paper and string
  3. Golden Mean
  4. Grant Wood's American Gothic
  5. murano

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  1. Compositions such as Barbara Hepworth's Two Figures are termed ______ because they make no reference at all to nature or reality.Nonobjective


  2. With a Polaroid camera, the photograph appears before your eyes. This is an example of ____ art


  3. Because it rests on a square base, the dome of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople is supported by four triangular surfaces known as ____.metal plates


  4. Pictorial balance can be found in which of the following?implied line


  5. A form of charcoal was used by our primitive ancestors to create images on ____.cave walls