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  1. Donna Rosenthal's male and female figures in He Said...She Said are implied by a suit and party dress made from ______.
  2. The word photography is derived from Greek roots that mean ____.
  3. When artists focus on the unity of ideas and meaning in their work rather than the visual and compositional elements, they are pursuing ____.
  4. What inspired Picasso to create his groundbreaking painting known as Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?
  5. Aquatint is frequently used along with line etching to mimic the effects produced by ____.
  1. a Pages of discarded books and newspapers
  2. b African and Iberian art
  3. c to write with light
  4. d conceptual unity
  5. e wash drawings

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  1. abstract patches of neon-like color
  2. Style
  3. buon fresco; lime plaster
  4. silverpoint
  5. overlapping

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  1. From the Latin for "blood," ____ is the name associated with an earthy red chalk color.sanguine


  2. Edward Steichen's ____, taken in 1906, is one of the foremost early examples of the photograph as a work of artJewish artists killed in the Holocaust


  3. The edges formed by the flesh and muscle in Edward Weston's Knees are best described as New York's Central Park


  4. Andy Goldsworthy's Ice Piece was produced using ____.buon fresco; lime plaster


  5. Peter Eisenman placed 2711 gray, concrete ____ side by side to create a sense of claustrophobia at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.visual balance