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A term used to encompass a broad range of specialty areas, including hairstyling, nail technology, and esthetics. "The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair, and the study of cosmetics and their application.
Greek word that cosmetology originates from, meaning skilled in the use of cosmetics.
The Egyptians
The first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion and to use cosmetics as part of their personal beautification habits, religious ceremonies and preparing the dead for burial.
The Egyptians
The first civilization to infuse essential oils from the leaves, bark and blossoms of plants for use as perfumes and for purification purposes.
Kohl makeup
Created by the ancient Egyptians from a mixture of ground galena, sulfur and animal fat.
The Chinese
Nail tinting was so closely tied to social status that commoners caught wearing a royal nail color faced a punishment of death.
The golden age of Greece
Where hairstyling became a highly developed art. The made lavish use of perfumes and cosmetics in their religious rites, in grooming, and for medical purposes. They built and developed elaborate baths and developed excellent methods of dressing the hair and caring for the skin and nails.
The color that Roman noblewomen tinted their hair.
The color that Roman middle-class women tinted their hair.
The color that poor Roman women colored their hair.
Shaved the eyebrows and the hairline.
Women in the Renaissance period did this to give them the look of greater intelligence.
Pinched their cheeks and bit their lips.
What did Victorian Age women do to induce natural color rather than use cosmetics such as rouge or lip color?
The barber pole
A symbol of the barber surgeon and has its roots in a medical procedure called bloodletting that was once thought to strengthen the immune system.
Charles Nessler
Invented a heavily wired machine that supplied electrical current to metal rods around which hair strands were wrapped.
Max Faktor
Emigrated from Lodz, Poland to the United States in 1904 and by 1908 began making and selling to movie stars makeup that wouldn't cake or crack under hot studio lights.
Sarah Breedlove
A.K.A. Madame C.J. Walker. A pioneer of the modern black hair care and cosmetics industry. She sold her homeade treatment called "Madam Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower". She also organized a convention for her Madam C.J. Walker Hair Culturists Union of America which was one of the first national meetings for businesswomen ever held.
When was the preheat perm method introduced?
Charles Revson
Marketed the first nail polish.
Lawrence Gelb
Introduced the first permanent haircolor product and founded a company called Clairol.
Arnold F Willatt
Invented the cold wave that used no machines or heat in 1938. The cold wave is considered to be the precursor to the modern perm.