10 terms

b law ch 4 12

perpetual existence
owners with limited liability
owners not entitled to profits unless thru dividends
CID structure
an organization gathers info, processes info, makes decision
foreign corrupt practices act
prohibits bribery of foreign officials by US businesses to gain opportunities
non consequentialist theory
moral principles are result of reason
actions are defined as right or wrong apart from any particular consequences or results
consequentialist theory
utilitarianism, an act is morally right when its in the act that produces the greatest happiness
civil lawsuit
under tort law, an injured party can bring a civil suit to seek compensation for a wrong done to the party or property
private wrong
violation of duty imposed by law
injured party seeks remedy
public wrong
prosecuted by government
pays fine to government or jailed
an act that creates in another person the reasonable apprehension of immediate harmful or offensive contact
harmful or offensive physical contact intentionally preformed