Describe an amphitheatrum. What took place there?
It was a large oval building with no roof with rising tiers of seats. Gladiator shows were held there
How did an amphitheatrum give spectators shelter from the sun?
A canvas awning known as a velarium, supported by ropes and pulleys
How much was the admission to an amphitheatrum usually? How were shows funded?
Free admission, wealthy individuals sponsored them
Where were advertisements for the shows found?
Painted on walls of buildings
At what time of day would spectators begin to take their places in the amphitheatrum?
Just after dawn
Describe two things that happen before the gladiatorial contests began.
Priests perform religious ceremonies, and gladiators are paraded around the arena
What four types of men would be gladiators?
Condemned criminals, prisoners of war, free volunteers, and slaves
A fight would end when one of two things happened, what were those two things?
Death, or surrender
How would a defeated gladiator signal that he was making an appeal to the spectators?
Raise his arm
What would spectators do if they wanted the defeated gladiator to live, or to be killed?
Thumb down = live
Thumb up/towards self = die
Who made the final decision for death or mercy?
The sponsor of the games
What does the "suspirium pullearum" mean?
Literal "the girls' heartthrob" but it was the nickname of a popular Pompeian gladiator
How would a gladiator be shown that he would not have to fight again?
He would be presented a wooden sword called a rudis
Describe the armor of the Samnites
Oblong shield and short sword
Describe the armor of the Thracians
Curved sword
Describe the armor of the Murmillones
Sword and shield, crest shaped helmet
Describe the armor of the Retiarii
Trident and net
What was a venatio?
A hunt of wild animals
What was a bestiae?
What was a bestiarii?
Hunters of wild animals
Five different animals used in animal hunts in the arena
Wolves, Hares, Boars, Bulls, and Lions
What would a bestiarius wear? What weapons would he use?
Light clothing and a spear
What would happen at the end of a venatio?
Dead bodies were dragged out from the sandy floor of the arena to be disposed of
Which even occurred between what two peoples in Pompeii in 59AD?
A riot between Pompeii and Nuceria
Who was the sponsor of the show in 59AD?
Livineius Regulus
Which group of people won the fight at the arena in 59AD?
The men of Pompeii
What happened to the people injured in the fight?
They were taken to Rome
How was Pompeii punished as a result of the riot?
They were forbidden from holding gladiatorial shows for 10 years
What happened to Livineius Regulus and the others who had encouraged the riot?
They were sent into exile