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  1. What is preorder?
  2. What is a circularly linked list?
  3. With respect to linked lists, what does .set(idx, element) do?
  4. What is the Big O of selection sort?
  5. How can you find the Big O of an if statement?
  1. a O(n²)
  2. b The last link points back to the front of the list rather than to null or nil
  3. c a way of processing a tree where the parent node is processed before the children
  4. d The max of the Big O of the test, then statement, and else statement
  5. e Replaces the element at the specified position in this list with the specified element.

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  1. A simple item such as a number or string or a balanced pair of parentheses and everything inside of them.
  2. a data structure that can be identified at runtime as a member of a class
  3. null
  4. O(N). Much, much better.
  5. A pointer to the next element

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  1. What does depth-first search do?It combines two sorted lists into one sorted list. Duplicated elements are retained.


  2. What does it mean to divide and conquer?It returns the set of elements that are members of either set (basically all elements with no duplicates).
    (union '(i c e) '(c r e a m)) = (i c r e a m)


  3. 10 bits is equal to about how many decimal digits?19


  4. 32-bits can represent about how many decimal digits?32


  5. What is a parent?In a tree, it is a node that points to a given node