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  1. What is the Big O of quicksort?
  2. What is similar to people waiting in line?
  3. What is XML?
  4. What is well-founded ordering?
  5. What does the function Union do?
  1. a O(n*log(N)), but could be O(n²) in the worst case.
  2. b It returns the set of elements that are members of either set (basically all elements with no duplicates).
    (union '(i c e) '(c r e a m)) = (i c r e a m)
  3. c Extensible Markup Language, it allows users to put tags around their data to describe what the pieces of data mean. <city> Austin </city>
  4. d ordering that can guarantee to terminate (go down to zero)
  5. e A queue

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  1. A directed pointer from one node to another
  2. Exponential
  3. a pattern that describes a set of similar programs
  4. 9
  5. Slowly. log(1000) = 10, log(1,000,000) = 20, log(1,000,000,000) = 30.

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  1. How big is a pointer?A pointer to the next element


  2. What does the function nreverse do?It reverses a list in place by turning the pointers around.


  3. What is a Cons?A kind of graph composed of nodes and links. It has one root node. Each node except the root has exactly one parent. All nodes are reachable from the root.


  4. What is a parent?The uppermost tree node that has no incoming links


  5. What is the Big O of a matrix multiply?O(n*log(N)), but could be O(n²) in the worst case.