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  1. What is a doubly linked list?
  2. What does the function (cons item list) do?
  3. To make an Integer out of an int, what should be used?
  4. What is the Big O of accessing some element in the middle of a LinkedList?
  5. What will a filter function do?
  1. a It makes a new list element containing item, and adds it to the front of list
  2. b It has pointers that point both forward and backward
  3. c O(N)
  4. d Integer myInteger = Integer.valueOf(myInt);
    Integer myInteger = myInt; // autoboxing
  5. e Filter removes items from a Collection if they meet a certain condition

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  1. First can be any Object type, while rest is a Cons or null
  2. The max of the Big O of the test, then statement, and else statement
  3. O(n³)
  4. .equals()
  5. It makes a new linked list whose elements are in reverse order of the original list

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  1. What are contents of a linked list?getFirst, addFirst, removeFirst, getLast, addLast, removeLast are all O(1)


  2. What is a circularly linked list?The last link points back to the front of the list rather than to null or nil


  3. What does the function assoc do?It concatenates two lists to form a single list; it does so by modifying the end of the first list to point to the second list


  4. For reference types, what do == and != test?The equality of pointer values (i.e. do they have the exact same data address in memory?)


  5. How big is a pointer?64 bits on modern machines.