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  1. What is a destructive function?
  2. How can you find the Big O of an if statement?
  3. What is a constructive function?
  4. What should be used to test the equality of the contents or value of a reference type?
  5. To compare against null, what should be used?
  1. a The max of the Big O of the test, then statement, and else statement
  2. b A function that creates a new list, but does not modify the original list's arguments
  3. c A function that modifies the original list's arguments
  4. d == or !=
  5. e .equals()

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  1. (c a)
  2. The number of "things" in the linked list
  3. O(n³)
  4. ordering that can guarantee to terminate (go down to zero)
  5. enqueued

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  1. What is the Big O of inserting in the middle of an ArrayList?O(n³)


  2. What is preorder?an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed in between its children


  3. What does the function nconc do?It provides a simple lookup tool to find information in a linked list. (assoc 'b '((a 1) (b 2) (c 3))) = (b 2)


  4. stateA kind of graph composed of nodes and links. It has one root node. Each node except the root has exactly one parent. All nodes are reachable from the root.


  5. When there is a straight line on a log-log graph, what does the slope represent?Integer myInteger = Integer.valueOf(myInt);
    Integer myInteger = myInt; // autoboxing