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  1. What is the Big O of binary search?
  2. In a Cons list, first and rest have different types. What are they?
  3. What does a sentinel node hold or reference?
  4. What does the function nreverse do?
  5. When the ratio of times as the size of input is doubled is about 8, what is the Big O?
  1. a First can be any Object type, while rest is a Cons or null
  2. b nothing; a sentinel is an extra node, usually at the front or end, that simplifies coding.
  3. c O(n³)
  4. d It reverses a list in place by turning the pointers around.
  5. e O(log(N))

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  1. A simple item such as a number or string or a balanced pair of parentheses and everything inside of them.
  2. 9
  3. A directed pointer from one node to another
  4. O(N)
  5. A kind of graph composed of nodes and links. It has one root node. Each node except the root has exactly one parent. All nodes are reachable from the root.

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  1. What is the Big O of inserting at the front of a LinkedList?O(N)


  2. What does it mean to divide and conquer?To break down a large problem into two smaller problems, until the problem becomes easy


  3. What is an abstract data type?It is a list of pairs, where each pair has a key, and a value associated with the key. ((one 1) (two 2) (three 3))


  4. What is the term for items being removed from the front of a queue?O(1)


  5. What does depth-first search do?It searches children of a node before siblings are considered (through recursion)