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  1. ce qui est arrivé
  2. Parc du Mont Royal
  3. en effet
  4. est du même avis
  5. à la fin du siècle dernier
  1. a large park north of downtown Montréal
  2. b as matter of fact
  3. c what happened
  4. d at the end of the last century
  5. e is of the same opinion

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  1. teasing, to tease
  2. notices how sad Natasha looks
  3. spread made of finely minced and seasoned meat
  4. somewhere nearby
  5. boardwalk

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  1. distraiteto sigh


  2. ouah, ouahdawn


  3. se laisse tomberbecause of


  4. bon appétitstarving


  5. charfloat