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  1. soupire
  2. pâté
  3. funicularie
  4. éclate de rire
  5. en effet
  1. a spread made of finely minced and seasoned meat
  2. b bursts out laughing, to break out laughing
  3. c cable car
  4. d as matter of fact
  5. e to sigh

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  1. she reminds me of
  2. you're taking good care
  3. sweetheart
  4. is of the same opinion
  5. The Laurentides region, north of Montreal, has a spectacular foliage in the fall.

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  1. chien esquimauAlaskan husky dog


  2. tout près deright near


  3. là-basdawn


  4. courses de motoneigessnowmobile races


  5. la regarde s'éloignerhelp them forget