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  1. lui tenir compagnie
  2. esplanade
  3. meubles anciens
  4. aube
  5. Bonhomme Carnaval
  1. a snowman, the giant snowman of Quebec City Winter Carnaval (mascot of Winter Carnival)
  2. b dawn
  3. c to keep her company
  4. d antique furniture
  5. e boardwalk

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  1. horror
  2. she reminds me of
  3. bone
  4. once again
  5. help them forget

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  1. teckelteasing, to tease


  2. remarque l'air triste de Natashanotices how sad Natasha looks


  3. à cause debecause of


  4. tout essouflésall out of breath


  5. vous prenez bien soinyou're taking good care