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  1. arrosée d'un bon café filtre
  2. ce qui est arrivé
  3. ministre des affaires etrangères
  4. os de gigot
  5. à cause de
  1. a secretary of state
  2. b washed down with strong dripped coffee
  3. c what happened
  4. d bone from a leg of lamb
  5. e because of

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  1. for me to invite
  2. take a walk
  3. spread made of finely minced and seasoned meat
  4. The Laurentides region, north of Montreal, has a spectacular foliage in the fall.
  5. hard cider

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  1. avec plaisirwith pleasure


  2. avoir lieuin the distance


  3. teckeldachshund dog


  4. gâtesspoil


  5. c'est toi le plus prèsyou're the closest