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Vocabulary From Classical Roots, Book A Lesson 4

Lesson 4
ROOT "incipio"
"to begin"
inception (n.)
The beginning of something.
incipient (adj.)
In its early stages; beginning
ROOT "nihil"
annihilate (v.)
To destroy completely
nihilism (n.)
The total rejection of religious or moral beliefs.
ROOT "nego, negare"
"to deny"
negate (v.)
1. To disprove, to nullify; 2. To rule out; to cancel
renegade (n.)
One who deserts a group, cause, faith, etc.; an outlaw
ROOT "vanus, vacuus"
vacuous (adj.)
Empty, especially of meaning or purpose
vanity (n.)
1. Conceit, especially about one's appearance. 2. Something worthless or useless.
vaunt (v.)
to boast; to brag about
ROOT "aperio"
"to open"
aperture (n.)
An opening, especially one that admits light
overt (adj.)
Done or shown openly