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The taking of property from inside the premises by a person unlawfully entering or leaving the premises as evidenced by forcible entry or exit.


The surrender of property away from the premises as a result of a threat communicated to the insured to do harm to an insured or an employee or relative of either who is or allegedly is being held captive.


Taking property from the care and custody of a person who has caused or threatened to cause bodily harm

Safe Burglary

The taking of property from within a locked safe or vault by a person unlawfully entering the safe as evidenced by visible marks of forced entry. Removal of safe from premises


Any act of stealing


The named insured, any of the insured's partners or employees while having care of insured property within the premises. Does not include watcher or janitor.


The named insured, any of his partners or employees while having care and custody of property outside of the premises.


The interior of that portion of any building occupied by the insured for the purpose of conducting business.


Any person the insured retains to have care and custody of the property inside the premises and who has no other duties


Currency, coins, and bank notes in current use and having a face value and travelers checks, registered checks, and money orders held for sale to the public.


Negotiable and non-negotiable instruments or contracts representing either money or other property. Tickets, stamps in current use, evidences of debt.

Property other than money and securities

Any tangible property other than money and securities that has intrinsic value

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