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Spanish settlements expanded in which direction?


The last Spanish settlement was in


The purpose of the mission

was to convert the Pueblo to Christianity.

Spanish forts were called


Harsh treatment by the Spanish led the Pueblo to


The Pueblo were convinced to allow the Spanish to return to their settlements because the Spanish promised them

freedom to choose their own religion.

The Pueblo were convinced to allow the Spanish to return to their settlements by

Diego de Vargas.

The main industry of the French was

fur trading.


transported fur and other goods by canoe.

The French knew that the English would take over all of North America if they got control of


The French and Indian war began in 1754 when the British tried to move into

the Ohio River Valley.

Promising to keep colonists off their land the British were eventually aided in the war by

the Iroquois.

The war changed for the British when more money, equipment and troops were provided by

William Pitt.

The French used the style of warfare of

the Native Americans.

At the war's end the British received all of France's lands through

the Treaty of Paris.

Lands received by the British included the

Ohio River Valley, Canada and Florida.

The agreement by the British to keep colonists off Native America lands west of the Appalachian Mountains was called

The Proclamation of 1763.

Generalizations help you to see how topics have

similarities (common traits).

Making Generalizations Step 1

Identify the topic

Making Generalizations Step 2

Gather examples

Making Generalizations Step 3

Compare the examples

Making Generalizations Step 4

Make the generalization

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