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OGT History Flashcards

World War II/Civil Rights Movement/1950's-1960's
Who were the Axis Powers?
Germany, Italy, & Japan
Who were the Allied Powers?
Great Britain, U.S, Soviet Union
When does the U.S enter WWII?
When Japan attacks the U.S. base at Pearl Harbor
Japanese-Americans were forced to live in what?
Internment camps in the U.S
Who worked in factories to help the war effort?
Who migrates North for factory jobs?
African Americans
When does the war in the Pacific end?
When two atomic bombs are dropped on Japan
Results of war include:
1. Millions of refugees- people left homeless because of war
2. Many European colonies receive their independence
3. United Nations established to preserve world peace
4. Nation of Israel established
5. Arab-Israeli conflict begins
6. U.S & Soviet Union emerge as World's "super powers"
7. Atomic bombs begin arms race between U.S. & Soviet Union