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bird feet, bipedal. or faculatively quadrupedal, lacked body armor.


Early Jr. South Africa, small, 1m long faculative biped with lightly built skeleton, skull has elongate fang-like teeth, unusual for an herbivore

dental battery

teeth leaf shaped w/ long ridges in their sides, skills variable, mares a jaw chopper


fast runners


duck-billed dinos, jaw point is below teeth, kink in upper teeth, dental batteries and ossified tails bipedal runner.


largest Orinthopod family
thumb spike
hoof-like toe tips
toothless beak, leaf-shaped teeth
Dental batteries
Largest orinthopod family


Late Jurassic to early cretaceous, 5-7m long, fused wrist bones, facultative quadruped.


duck-billed dinosaurs, with crest on their head

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