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  1. el detalle
  2. No te conviene
  3. hacer las paces
  4. Sugiero que no hagas caso a los rumores
  5. maltratar
  1. a to mistreat
  2. b to make up
  3. c I suggest not to listen to the rumors
  4. d detail
  5. e It's not convenient for you...

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  1. Have you thought about...?
  2. Don't forget to...
  3. I didn't do it on purpose
  4. to admit a mistake
  5. to be resentful

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  1. No quise hacerte daño/ofenderteI didn't do it on purpose


  2. Te juro que no lo volveré a hacer.I swear I'll never do it again.


  3. discutirto apologize


  4. Yo que tú...detail


  5. comunicarseto communicate