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  1. Yo que tú...
  2. dejar de hablarse
  3. la disculpa
  4. Perdóname. No sé en qué estaba pensando.
  5. comunicarse
  1. a to communicate
  2. b to stop speaking to one another
  3. c I know that you...
  4. d apology
  5. e Forgive me. I don't know what I was thinking.

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  1. Have you thought about...?
  2. to mistreat
  3. it would be a good/bad idea to break up with...
  4. Believe me, I didn't mean to...
  5. to apologize

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  1. la reconciliaciónto reconcile


  2. No te olvides de...It's not convenient for you...


  3. admitir un errorto commit a mistake


  4. herirto kiss


  5. comprarle un regaloto buy (someone) a gift