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Fourth Commandment

What is the Fourth Commandment?
honor your father and and your mother
What values are promoted by the Fourth Commandment?
honor, respect, affection, gratitude, obedience
To what other relationships, besides parents and children, does the Fourth Commandment apply?
students, teachers, employers, employees, citizens, and civic authorities
What is tthe reward for for obeying the Fourth Commandment?
a long life with the Lord in peace and harmony
What is the key value of the Fourth Commandment and the cardinal virtue from which it flows?
honor, love, and justice
Why is the family the foundational community of human life?
for the good of the wife and the husband and for th procreation and education of the children
What lessons do we learn in the family?
how to be human, live as children of God, respect others, care for the young, elderly, sick, poor, and all members of the community
How is the family an image of the Holy Trinity?
What role do civil authorities have in supporting family life and marriages?
the creating of laws and civic institutions to support family life and married life
What are the 5 fundamental rights of families?
to own property, marry and have children, have health care, associate with other families, live in a safe and healthy environment
What is the relationship between God's authority and obeying parents?
parents receive authority from God, so when we obey our parents we are acknowledging God
What are the fundamental duties and responsibilites of parents?
regard their children as children of God and respect them as human persons
What is the Christian family's primary function?
to lead its members to Jesus Christ by participating in the Eucharist and the parish life
What are the 4 tasks of the Christian family?
procreation and education of a family, participate in development of society, forming a community, being commited to a family
Why is the purpose of sex?
to bring new life into the world
What does sex teach us about natural law?
respect, responsibility, and self-control