air mass

large body of air with the same properties as the surface over which it develops

air pressure

great masses of air molecules pushing down from above


millions of drops of water suspended in the sky

dew point

temperature at which air is saturated and condensation begins


stratus cloud that forms near the ground; when air is rolled to the dew point near the ground


boundary formed between 2 colliding air masses


severe storm that forms over tropical oceans


line connecting point of equal atmospheric pressure


line connecting point of equal temperature


person who studies weather


includes rain, snow, sleet, and hail

relative humidity

amount of moisture in air compared to amount needed from saturation at a given temperature


air holding all the moisture it can at a particular temperature

station model

weather information collected by meteorologists at specific locations


violent, whirling wind associated with thunderstorms


present state of the atmosphere

What are clouds?

objects that form as warm air rises, expands and then cools

What are types of precipitation?

rain, snow, sleet, and hail

the weather

What is caused by the interaction of air, water, and Sun?

What is humidity?

the amount the water vapor in the air

What is relative humidity?

the relative humidity?

What is sleet?

rain drops that pass through a layer of freezing air near Earth's surface forming pellets

What is temperature?

a measure of the aerate amount of motion of molecules

What is the dew point?

the temperature at which condensation forms from saturated air

What is weather?

a description of the current state of the atmosphere

What is wind?

air moving in a specific direction


What type of cloud brings long, steady rain?


produced under conditions involving intense heat

sedimentary rock

rocks formed from sediment derived not only from rock fragments but also from plant and animal remains

metamorphic rock

A type of rock that forms from an existing rock that is changed by heat, pressure, or chemical reactions

1st full moon

1st one is completely dark

waxing crescent

a little sliver of light

1st quarter moon

1.2 light, 1/2 dark

waxing gibbous

sliver of darkness all on the left side

full moon

2nd one and it is full light

waning gibbous

part dark on the right-hand side


light on the left

waning crescent

a small sliver of lightness on the left hand side

cumulus clouds

nimbus cloud

cirrus clouds

stratus clouds

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